Progress and Other Bits

I was excited to open up my Amazon Box of Delight, as it had my wedges inside.  My first though was…  I thought they’d be bigger.

IMG_20170817_165017.jpg But they did the trick, I think, anyway. The end of the story is that the bottom bracket is out. The middle part of the story does not involve a few gentle taps with the wedges, forcing the crank off the bottom bracket, though.  That didn’t happen even after I had them fully engaged.   Instead, it involved a huge pounding of wedges between the the chainring and the bottom bracket until they were seized together, allowing me to just rotate the whole thing out.


So the only thing left on the frame at this point is the headset crown race and bearing cups. I’m hesitant to pull them because I lack the tools to both pull them out and seat new ones. But I probably will.

The good news is that I can start prepping the frame for paint. Which means pulling all the stickers off the bike. I hate stickers, generally. I have some on my guitar case (Wintergrass peanut throwers know what I’m talkin’ ’bout), but that’s about it. Heat guns and scraping are not fun. But I want it down to bare aluminum when I put the paint on, so I gotta do what I gotta do. I’ll figure out what to do with the headset leftovers while I pull the paint off.

I also discovered a bit of frame damage on the chainstay. It looks like chainring grinding, which is no big deal. I’ll sand it out.


And finally….


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